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Tokyo Game Show Online 2021 Releases Schedule, Begins September 30

By Admin | 17 September,2021 | 6 minutes, 16 sec


Tokyo Game Show 2021, like E3 and Gamescom before it, will be an all-digital expo showcasing video games from brands like Xbox, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, miHoYo, Bandai Namco (developers of pc game Tokyo Ghoul), and many others.

This Tokyo Game Show 2021 watch guide will tell you all you need to know about the show, including when it starts, where you can watch it, and what you should expect to see.

When will the Tokyo Game Show be held in 2021?

The next Tokyo Game Show 2021 will take place from Wednesday, September 29 to Sunday, October 3, with panels taking place on each of the five days.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Schedule

Wednesday, September 29

  • TGS2021 Online Opening - Wednesday, September 29 at 6pm - 6:50pm PT

  • Keynote: We'll Always Have Games - Wednesday, September 29 at 7pm - 7:50pm PT

  • GameraGame Now Tokyo Game Show 2021 Special - Wednesday, September 29 at 8pm - 8:50 pm PT

  • [TGS2021 SNK] KOF XV Special Program (English) - Wednesday, September 29 at 9pm - 9:50pm PT

Thursday, September 30

  • SK Telecom Game Show! - Thursday, September 30 at 12am - 12:50am PT

  • It's Mealtime! Presentation - Thursday, September 30 at 1am - 1:50am PT

  • Tokyo Game Show 2021 Xbox Live Stream - Thursday, September 30 at 2am - 2:50am PT

  • [Konami] New Information to Reveal for Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL Along With Updates Across Key Titles! - Thursday, September 30 at 3am - 3:50am PT

  • Spike Chunsoft TGS2021 SPECIAL - Thursday, September 30 at 4am - 4:50am PT

  • D3PUBLISHER TGS2021 Live Broadcast - Thursday, September 30 at 5am - 5:50am PT

  • TGS2021 CAPCOM ONLINE Program - Thursday, September 30 at 6am - 6:50am PT

  • Yurukill Special! - Thursday, September 30 at 7am - 7:50am PT

  • Official Program - Coming Soon - Thursday, September 30 at 6pm - 6:50pm PT

  • SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2021 (SOWN2021) - Thursday, September 30 at 7pm - 8:50 pm PT

Friday, October 1

  • NTTe-Sports - Coming Soon - Friday, October 1 at 12am - 12:50am PT

  • Happinet GAME SHOWCASE in TGS2021 1st STAGE - Friday, October 1 at 1am - 1:50am PT

  • 505 Games - Upcoming Titles Showcase - Friday, October 1 at 2am - 2:50am PT

  • SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS TGS2021 - Friday, October 1 at 3am - 3:50am PT

  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment - Coming Soon - Friday, October 1 at 4am - 4:50am PT

  • Level 5 - Coming Soon - Friday, October 1 at 5am - 5:50am PT

  • Sega / Atlas - Coming Soon - Friday, October 1 at 6am - 7:30am PT

  • Official Program - Coming Soon - Friday, October 1 at 5pm - 5:50pm PT

  • Happinet GAME SHOWCASE in TGS2021 2nd STAGE - Friday, October 1 at 6pm - 7:50pm PT

  • Tencent Games - Coming Soon - Friday, October 1 at 8pm - 9:50pm PT

  • Japan Game Awards: 2021 - Friday, October 1 at 8:30pm - 10pm PT

  • Lilith Games Warpath - 武装都市; New Game Release Conference - Friday, October 1 at 10pm - 11:50 pm PT

Saturday, October 2

  • GungHo Online Entertainment - Coming Soon - Saturday, October 2 at 12am - 1:50am PT

  • Japan Game Awards: 2021 Games of the Year Division - Saturday, October 2 at 2am - 3:50am PT

  • A 2-Hour Livestream! KOEI TECMO Special Program - Saturday, October 2 at 4am - 5:50am PT

  • [Konami] "Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 4th Heart" Stage / Gameplay With 2 Special Guests! - Saturday, October 2 at 6am PT - 6:50am PT

  • DMM Games - Coming Soon - Saturday, October 2 at 7am - 7:50am PT

  • Official Program - Coming Soon - Saturday, October 2 at 6pm - 6:50pm PT

  • S-Game - New ARPG Arrives, New Expedition Starts - Saturday, October 2 at 7pm - 7:50pm PT

  • Japan Electronics College [TGS2021] - Saturday, October 2 at 8pm - 8:50 pm PT

  • Arc System Works - Coming Soon - Saturday, October 2 at 9pm - 9:50pm PT

  • Japan Game Awards: 2021 - Saturday, October 2 at 9pm - 11pm PT

  • The Feature Presentation of New AAA Products Currently in Development Under the 110 Industries Umbrella - Saturday, October 2 at 11pm - 11:50 pm PT

Sunday, October 3

  • NCSOFT TGS2021 SPECIAL PROGRAM - Sunday, October 3 at 12am - 12:50am PT

  • GungHo Online Entertainment - Coming Soon - Sunday, October 3 at 1am - 1:50am PT

  • Ubisoft - UBIDAY2021 Online x TGS Special Program - Sunday, October 3 at 2am - 2:50am PT

  • AKRacing Presents [AKTalking] - Sunday, October 3 at 3am - 3:50am PT

  • Wright Flyer Studios - Coming Soon - Sunday, October 3 at 4am - 4:50am PT

  • miHoYo - Genshin Impact TGS2021 Program - Sunday, October 3 at 5am - 5:50am PT

  • Fingger - Coming Soon - Sunday, October 3 at 6am - 6:50am PT

  • Gran Saga - Coming Soon - Sunday, October 3 at 7am - 7:50am PT

  • TGS2021 ONLINE ENDING - Sunday, October 3 at 8am - 8:50am PT

While we published the Tokyo Game Show 2021 schedule in Pacific Time, we wanted to make sure you didn't miss a thing by including the time difference for other time zones.

  • Japan Standard Time (JST): +16 Hours

  • Eastern Time (ET): +3 Hours

  • British Summer Time (BST): +8 Hours

  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): +17 Hours

  • Indian Standard Time (IST): +12 Hours 30 Minutes

Where can I see the Tokyo Game Show in 2021?

If you want to follow the next Tokyo Game Show 2021, go over to Tokyo Game Show's YouTube and Twitch feeds, and don't forget to come back here since we'll have all the latest updates, teasers, talks, and more!

What Can We Expect from the Tokyo Game Show in 2021?

The Tokyo Game Show will feature presentations from some of the world's most well-known game companies, including Xbox, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, miHoYo, Bandai Namco, and others.

Xbox has promised "exclusive news" at its panel, although it's unclear what that news will be. Is it possible that it's a new look for Halo or Forza Horizon 5? Could it be possible that it's the reported Kojima-Microsoft collaboration? Only time will tell if any of this is reality.

Square Enix will also be present, although fans of Final Fantasy 16 should temper their expectations. While the core plot premise is "fixed in stone" and the English voice overs are nearly all recorded, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida said in July 2021 that he wasn't sure if the team would be able to deliver something in time for the TGS deadline.

A miHoYo presentation on Genshin Impact, a Konami panel discussing Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel and more, fresh details on Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires from Koei Tecmo, presentations from Capcom and Ubisoft, and more are among the highlights of the week. Furthermore, SYBOO games, developers of the Subway Surfers Tokyo, are also expected to have a panel at the event. 

What can you do to be ready for the Tokyo Game Show 2021?

While eagerly waiting for TGS 2021 (which we know you are!) you can try a number of fantastic titles developed by these brands to just get boost up for the event. Some of these titles include Tokyo Ghoul (Bandai Namco), Subway Surfers Tokyo (SYBOO games), Wolverine Tokyo Fury, Genshin Impact, Akracing and many more! Furthermore, most of the above brands develop games mainly for the xbox console so, if you are having a xbox game pass and a good and working xbox controller, there are some awesome titles waiting for you. 

You can use “Screen recorder by Appsmartz” on your android devices (ios users can use any other screen recorder) to record your phone screens while playing any of the above titles and share with the world. Even the people who don't know what screen recording or what a screen recorder is can easily use the app and can learn and record live streaming videos in no time.

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