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5 best Free Fire characters in May 2022

By Admin | 18 May,2022 | 7 minutes, 21 seconds


The new month presents new opportunities for Free Fire gamers. What better way to discover them than with the game's best characters? After the last update, A124 and Nairi are among the best in circulation and have good stats.
To get the most out of such characters, players must grasp how to best apply their attributes in different situations. This will enable them to shine and overcome any challenges they face.


Skyler is a character created in partnership with Son Tung M-TP, a prominent Vietnamese musician. Skyler rose to prominence as the country's hottest pop singer-dancer, and he is now the CEO of Vietnam's largest entertainment firm.

Skyler initially appeared in Garena Free Fire with the OB26 update in July 2021. "A CEO and superstar," according to his in-game description. Skyler Riptide Rhythm is one of the special powers, allowing him to fire a sonic wave with a range of 100 meters that can destroy five gloo walls. This ability has a 40-second cooldown, which means he must wait 40 seconds between uses before using it again. When he places a gloo wall, his second ability allows him to repair himself faster. The ability, however, does not stack. Skyler will not earn a 3X faster heal if he places three gloo walls on the map.

While Skyler can demolish gloo walls, he must know when to do so to gain an advantage. Breaking down gloo walls in short-range combat is preferable to breaking them down in long-range fighting since you leave them exposed with little opportunity of putting up another good wall, giving you an easy victory.

DJ Alok

Alok is a world-famous DJ, ready to drop a beat.”

Alok is a character created in partnership with one of the world's most well-known DJs and record producers and was published on November 11th, 2019.

DJ Alok is a well-known character known for his active ability 'Drop the Beat.' He is a world-famous DJ who is ready to unleash a beat, according to his in-game description. Among all the other characters, his talent is quite diverse. The ability may produce a 5m radius aura at his basic level.

Allies within the aura will have their movement speed increased by 10% and their HP increased at a rate of 5HP per second for 5 seconds. The ability boosts movement speed by 15% and the duration of health regeneration (5HP) to 10 seconds once upgraded to the maximum level. He has a 45-second cooldown and the effects can't be stacked.

In the Free Fire game, DJ Alok is one of the most costly characters. To get their hands on the character, players must spend 599 diamonds. DJ Alok is available for purchase in the Shop area.

The focus of DJ Alok's abilities is movement and healing. Users may move quickly and take some damage without penalties during the fight. In Free Fire, the character is a tactical/healer class that is ideal for rushes or closing the gap on foes.


K is a professor and jiujitsu expert

K is a character created in collaboration with the popular American artist KSHMR and published with Booyah Update.

K was a bright kid, but he didn't take school seriously like most kids his age. He was in a car accident when he was 16, still, a junior in high school, and his spine was injured. He was told by his physicians that he would never walk again. But he refused to give up; this was not the end of his journey. He went to physical therapy, did his therapy at home, and hired a personal trainer to assist him in pushing himself further. He was walking for a year and played sports for two. This incident taught him a few lessons that he would remember for the rest of his life.

K is a professor and a jiu-jitsu master with the active ability Master of All, according to his character description. He can enhance his maximum EP by 50.

In Jiu-Jitsu mode, his teammates within a 6m radius have their EP conversion rate increased by 500%. He can recover 2 EP every three seconds in Psychology mode, with a maximum of 100 EP. The mode switch CD, on the other hand, takes about 20 seconds.

Character level-up cards can be used to raise the character to level 6. K can recover 2 EP every two seconds at his greatest capability, and up to 150 EP in Psychology mode.

In Free Fire, K is the first character to have two skill sets under one special ability. These abilities and skills provide him with an abundant supply of fast regeneration. EP is extremely beneficial in Free Fire since it allows players to restore HP without needing to remain still. Consider your character K using both medkits and EP points at the same time, and you'll be nearly indestructible!


Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman

Jota came from a middle-class household, was an average student, and had a loving family. In general, he led a fairly ordinary life, but he felt stuck and craved more action in his life. He felt stuck in a metropolis with skyscrapers that filled the skyline, so he began climbing to locate spots where he could see the sky.

'Sustained Raids' is Jota's passive ability. When the player kills an adversary with an SMG or a Shotgun, it quickly restores 25 HP. At the maximum level, every kill restores 40 HP instantaneously.

Close quarter fighting is a great place to use this talent. This is especially useful for players who play aggressively.

Unlike other characters, you must spend gems to unlock Jota. For 499 diamonds, you can buy them from the in-game shop.

Jota has established himself as a constant in the game. Sustained Raids, his ability, has solidified his place in the character hierarchy. It functions by regenerating HP while fighting.

Users acquire a tiny amount of HP when they shoot an opponent. Users recover 10% of their HP if the opponent is knocked out or killed. There is no cooldown on this ability, and it can be utilized continuously during combat.


Nikita works as a professional bodyguard

Her most crucial task is to protect and escort Carolyn, the daughter of the Free Fire organization's head. Nikita was an air rifle marksman in school when she was younger, which assisted her agility and strong senses.

She infiltrated the organization and became Carolyn's bodyguard to fulfill her goals.

Nikita's unique active skill is Firearms Expert, which allows her to reload Submachine Guns more quickly. Aside from that, she has a passive ability known as 'Weapons Expert.'

Nikita's ability to reload submachine guns more quickly aids players in eliminating foes in close combat, particularly in zones.

This place is a graveyard for gamers because they all want to come here as soon as possible to obtain the best stuff. As a result, Nikita's close combat abilities will aid them in being the first to fire.

When everyone is in close range, submachine weapons are commonly employed in Free Fire. The same may be done for Clash Squad matchups, giving you a significant advantage.

Nikita may have a passive ability, but it provides you the best close combat fight because you can use Sub Machines guns faster and reload them more quickly. The ideal application is in the zones, where every player is in a hurry to engage in conflict.

Nikita has become a powerful character in Free Fire since the most recent update. Her ability, Firearms Expert, make a target take 20% more damage from the last five bullets of an SMG.

Users will be able to reload their SMG 4 percent faster, in addition to the increased damage. This small benefit can provide players a substantial advantage in battle depending on the situation and the type of SMG being utilized.

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