How To Stream On Facebook? (Android)

How To Stream on Facebook (Android)

Viewers of Facebook Live were around 2 billion in 2019. The daily watch time for Facebook live videos have 6 times more interactions than regular videos. So, if you have chosen to stream your game live on Facebook, congratulations, you’ve made the right choice. Here’s how you do it using our Screen Recorder app. There are two methods basically. We will discuss both in this blog. 

Method 1: When you have enabled the Floating Button

Tap on the floating button and you will see the following popped up options on your screen. You will see the Live button, tap on it.

The following screen will appear, with the social media options. Choose Facebook on the screen by tapping on the icon.

You will be directed to the Facebook login page, where you will insert your login details, the usual way.

Once you log in, you will see the option to choose to live stream the video on your profile or on your Facebook page. Tap on ‘start’ and the streaming will begin.

Here’s the YouTube Video on the same:


Method 2: If you have disabled the Floating Button

When you open the Screen Recorder app, you will see the home screen with the ‘plus’ sign at the bottom. Tap on it to see the popped up options.

The popped up options will appear like this. Choose the ‘Go Live’ option on the screen.

A screen with social media sharing options will appear. Choose ‘Facebook’ from the given options

When you tap on Facebook on the above screen, it will redirect you to the Facebook Login page where you insert your username, password to login.

Following the login, choose the title of your stream, choose where you want to stream live (Facebook Profile or Facebook Page) and tap the start button to begin the live stream.

Here’s the YouTube Video on the same:

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